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“A week ago I came out to my car, parked in the credit union parking lot, and found a very apologetic women standing next to it. Driving her husband’s truck she had accidently struck the rear bumper of my car while attempting to park her truck.  Though my car was still drivable, the damaged bumper would clearly need repair. She called her insurance company to report the accident.  While on the phone, and still standing in the credit union parking lot, her insurance company rep (PEMCO) asked to speak to me.  The rep assured me that my car would be promptly repaired.  At that point she (PEMCO rep) asked if I had any idea of who I would like to do the work.  I thought for a second and then recalled that several years earlier I had my car repaired at L-M Body Shop and had a very successful repair done on the same car.  I asked if they knew of L-M.  She replied that she had, and that L-M was in fact one of their (PEMCO) repair contractors.  So I agreed to take it there, receiving an authorization on the spot – still standing in that credit union parking lot. A few hours later I called L-M, made an appointment to bring my car by for the estimate and then a few days later stopped by for the appointment.  We agreed upon a day (Monday) to bring it in and pick up a rental replacement.  I brought the car in on the agreed upon Monday morning. Dave Bloyer (L-M owner) was ready for me and the rental car was already there for my pickup.  In a matter of minutes, after signing a few papers, I was on my way. Estimated completion would be close of business on Wednesday. Wednesday at noon, earlier than expected, I received a call that my car was “ready”.  I went over to pick it up.  Very pleasantly surprised that not only was the car ready earlier than expected, with the bumper looking like new, but the car had also been cleaned inside and out, the floor mats had been vacuumed and the exterior finish of the entire car (including alloy wheels) appeared to have been polished – that car had not looked so clean and shiny for years. Needless to say I was very pleased that, while standing in that credit union parking lot, I had the presence of mind to recall my previous successful experience with L-M Body Shop.  Clearly, based on these two experiences with L-M Body Shop, which happened years apart, I can say with certainty that they not only met but exceeded my expectations.  Although no one ever wants to have to need the services of an auto body repair shop, I would, without hesitation, recommend L-M Body Shop to anyone who finds themselves in need of auto body repair work that will exceed their expectations.
Sign me a very satisfied customer of L-M Body Shop.”

Thanks again for doing such a great job repairing my Mountaineer!
Stephen J. Wehner, EA,CPA, PO Box 2485, Redmond, WA 98073-2485, Ph. 425.868.2879


On a recent visit to Costco, I saw a shopping cart between my car and the SUV I parked next to. There was plenty of room for both vehicles and the shopping cart with room to spare. When I came back from shopping, I found that the SUV driver had apparently turned their wheels In the direction of my car, and pushed the cart into the front fender and door, causing significant damage. They left the scene without leaving a note, so I was on my own, and had to pay for the repair out of my own pocket, because my deductible is fairly high.
Because of that, I was a price-sensitive shopper when I searched for an auto body shop to make the repairs. I used my membership in Checkbook.org to check on the shops in the area, and then got quotes from three of the ones which were top rated. L-M Body Shop, Inc. in Kirkland turned out to be the most user-friendly and cost-effective company I found.
They did an excellent job repairing my Acura CL, and matching the metallic paint so that it looks completely new! They even bent over backwards to make sure I had a car available for use while mine was being repaired. I feel totally comfortable recommending them to anyone who wants to have a real professional job done repairing their car, at a very fair price. They are really friendly, trustworthy and honest, and did exactly what they said they’d do, in the time they said they’d do it. This is one of those dependable companies who will do what they say they’ll do and won’t take advantage of you in the process. If I ever need more work like this done, they are the ones I’ll call.

John Tudor, Bellevue, WA 98006


Thank you SO MUCH!

Tami and Dave,
What can I say, the truck looks brand new! I looked at it today when we were loading up and the job you guys did was incredible, and the entire interior was shampooed as well. You have made me so happy. It's a great truck-and you have made it even better.

And please, the young gentleman who was there as well when I picked the truck up -please thank him for me as well. I have a feeling he had a BIG hand in getting the truck done so well.

Believe me, I will pass the word to anyone I know-I know a body shop that will make you feel good inside and out!

Thanks so much for the great job! You guys are the best!

Bruce Linker

I am writing to you to inform you how "completely satisified" I was with the work that L-M Body shop did on my vehicle repair. In today's world of hurry up, slam it together and get it done as fast as possible L-M far exceeded my expectations.

The overall attitude of L-M from the top down to the personnel in the shop was refreshingly welcomed. The moment I made contact with the shop I was treated with "old fashion" service and respect.

This is the kind of service I received:
1. My rental was ready when I dropped off my vehicle.
2. They called me during the repair and asked me to stop by and make sure I was satisfied with the progress of my repair.
3. My vehicle was finished in the time frame agreed upon.
4. When I picked up my vehicle the repair was indistinguishable from OEM standards.
5. To my surprise my vehicle was washed and the inside was cleaned as well.

Overall I would highly recommend L-M to anyone who wants quality work,
excellent workmanship and integrity. The owner fulfilled his promise's "if you are not
completely satisfied with our workmanship than we will not release your vehicle until it
is,"  a bold promise and a rarity in today's world.
I live in Bozeman Montana and my schedule was such that I had to have my
vehicle fixed 750 miles away in Kirkland, WA with a strange shop. In Montana your
word and hand shake are your bond and this was evident that LM is a shop of character.

Don Lucker
CEO Atlantic Wireless

Dave & Tami,
Just wanted to say thanks for the repair of my car. You made my six year old PT Cruiser look like new!
I'll be happy to recommend you to anyone I know who might have a need for a "metal facelift".

Thanks again for the great service!

Millie Laird

Dear Sir
I recently had repairs to my XKR Jaguar done by L-M shop, inc in Kirkland, Washington.
I was more than satisfied with their work. They were very forthright and extremely professional and the job was even completed prior to their original time estimate. Having had a rather unsatisfactory experience with another body shop in the same area a few years ago l highly recommend L-M Body Shop.